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Client Services

  • Host of Online Services for Clients
  • Investor Query
  • Dividend Queries
  • Email Summary
  • Share Holding Summary
  • Share holding pattern
  • Distribution Schedule
  • Promoter/Promoter Group
  • PAN No. Based Reports
  • Top Share holders
  • Comparison Reports
  • Top Buyers and Sellers
  • Share Price Movement
  • Geographical Reports
  • Correspondence
  • Compliance Reports
  • Schedules
  • Statement of Account
  • Corporate Action
  • Shareholders information is made available in user friendly version. A client can view shareholder’s information based on parameters like Folio No., Application No., Reference No.,Warrant No., DpId/ Client Id , Pan No. , Name etc.,
  • A classification of share holders like FII’s, NRI, FI, Mutual Funds, Residential Individuals, Promoters, Employees & their share holding % can be viewed. A graphical presentation for shareholding summary can be generated dynamically (pie/bar graph).
  • A client can generate a consolidated categorized distribution schedule with graphical presentation.
  • A consolidated Top 100 shareholders list are available instantly with the addresses.
  • A client can also view PAN No. based consolidated Top 100 shareholders ,Top 100 Buyers/Sellers (It generates multiple Client ID’s with same PAN Number).
  • As desired, clients can generate Top ‘N’ holders & Top ‘N’ shares.
  • A weekly basis comparison Reports can be generated based on the downloads received by the depositories (i.e. on Friday). A client can also generate a consolidated top 100 Buyers/Sellers , top ‘N’ Buyers/Sellers & top ‘N’ shares wise reports as they desire.
  • A spread of shareholders available geographically i.e. city wise, state wise & zone wise. This will help in disbursement of corporate benefits & for dispatch of Mailers.
  • A provision to generate control reports for Transfer, Demats, Remats etc., is also available.
  • By providing From & To dates, clients can generate a Correspondence MIS for the no. of correspondence received, attended & pending reports. Further a detailed information about a particular query with letters/reply including dispatch details can be viewed.
  • Reports submitted periodically like Clause 35, SEBI Quarterly Reports, Lock in, Pledge etc. can be generated dynamically.
  • Reports for the Last 6 months can be generated dynamically. Every report has an option of Print/ Mailing/Excel download. In reports, option is available to sort based on Column Heading.
  • Investors can create free logins in KARISMA , which is specially designed to meet their needs.
  • Investors can electronically register their queries. After lodgment of queries an auto generated reference No. will be provided for future reference.
  • After 24 hours , with this Reference No. investors can view the reply for the queries lodged.
  • Investors can download standard proforma from the site. Example: Indemnity for duplicate dividend warrants, transmission, transposition etc.
  • Provision is available for the investors to view the Book Closure Dates / Record Dates/Annual Reports/ Prospectus for all those companies for which KARVY is the Registrar.
  • Provision is available to the investors to register their IPO Application no. with their Email-Id to know the status of allotment. An automated mail will be sent to all registered holders as soon as the allotment is finalized.
  • Once the allotment is finalized, with the help of the Application No. an investor can view his/her allotment status .
  • In case the Application no. is not immediately traced, the system will ask to enter the dpid/client id. If the provided demat details is also not traceable, investors have to provide complete details for further verification.
  • Provision is available for the investors to view the Listing dates of the IPO’s (Handled by KARVY).
  • For any general clarification for the services related to Registrars, the investors can quickly browse through the details by clicking FAQ’s.
  • A link is available to the investors where they can give their feedback about the services.
  • A module provided to all IRC’s facilitating to view the complete shareholder information for all the clients serviced by KARVY.
  • Through this module, all IRC’s can provide the services across the table.
  • IRC’s can view the replies given at HO for the queries lodged at their end.
  • IRC’s can view the Book Closure Dates/ Record Dates announced by the companies serviced by KARVY.
  • A provision is available to the IRC’s to know the statistics of Complaints Received, Solved & Queries still Pending against the Total Quantum of Correspondence received for different companies.
  • Addresses all concern on outsourcing through user-friendly web-interface
  • Addresses core requirements of all registry functions
  • Provision for various MIS- customized as per client requirements
  • Monitors correspondences from shareholders
  • Delivers required information from RTA at the click of a mouse
  • Available 24*7 duly updated as per Benpos
  • Accessible from anywhere and at all times
  • Empowers you with Instant details
  • Easily downloadable features for future reference
  • Facilitates comparison of MIS between various periods
  • Secured access to live database
  • Accurate, effective and efficient information
  • Delivers what you want simply & reliably
  • Virtual member register on your desktop
  • 100% operational transparency
  • Separate query facility for the investors
  • Servicing through ISC – trained on web application software
  • Limited registry facility at select ISC’s through (KORACS)
  • Insider trading software for clients
  • Member support module
  • Fixed Deposit Accounting System

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